12 Best Hairstyles For Men to Try out in 2019

It is a well known quote that,“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”.If you are the one who is always confused about choosing right kind of hairstyle for yourself then my friend there is no need to worry about it because i am here with 12 best hairstyles for men to try out in 2019 to look more hot and sexy.In this blog post,i will help you discover stylish and most popular hairstyles to checkout.

Also in these 12 Best hairstyles for men you will discover options for short,long and medium hairs.I have added best of quiff,pompadour,slicked back,undercut,High and Low fade,buzz cut,messy and curly hairstyles.

So without wasting your time my friend lets jump into the 12 best hairstyles for men to try out in 2019.

12 Best Hairstyles For Men In 2019 :

1. High Fade Textured Quiff Hairstyles For men

hairstyles for men

Quiff hairstyles follows short on sides and long on top and this hairstyle is styled with some height and volume.

For styling a high fade quiff you will need hairs longer up to 3 to 5 inches.

2. Short textured hairstyles for men

hairstyles for men

For short textured hairstyle,you need 2 to 3 inches of hair length on the top and a medium bald fade on sides and to keep it stunning all day you need a matte hair product it should be anything such as pomade,clay or wax.

3. Classic Pompadour Haircut

hairstyles for men

Pompadour haircut follows having short on back and sides and long on the top.But classic pompadour means having long sides that are slicked back.

To maintain your look all the day use hair products such as pomade or wax.

4. Modern pompadour haircut

hairstyles for men

Modern pompadour haircut follows short on back and sides and long on top and to carry out this hairstyle all day you have to use wax or clay and also a hair spray to stuck it.

5.Short Quiff Haircut

short quiff


Quiff hairstyles are very popular these days and these hairstyles should enhance your personality.

6.Long hairstyles for men

Long hairstyle

Long hairstyles are evergreen and popular.Trend of long hairstyles continues to go strong.

7.Spiky Hair Fade Haircut

Hairstyles for men

Spiky hair fade haircut follows faded on sides and a little bit long on top and also to carry out this all day long apply wax or pomade.

8.Slicked Back Undercut Hairstyle For men

Slicked back undercut hairstyle

It is a kind of hairstyles which works best with the medium length hair.

To style this simply blow dry your hair towards back using a brush and to keep it all day long use hair products such as wax or pomade.

9.Buzz Cut Fade

Buzz cut fade

These hairstyles are opted by men who don’t want to spend to much time styling their hair.

These type of hairstyle follows short on back and sides and also little long on top.

10. Skin Fade Comb Over

skin fade comb over hairstyle

Skin fade comb over follows long hairs on top up to 3 to 5 inches and short on sides.

It is one of the boldest styles you can choose if you have longer hairs. To style this use a medium hold product such as clay or wax.

11.Long Hair Brushed Back

long hair brushed back

This is one of the most popular and sexiest hairstyle.To get this hairstyle you need 4 to 5 inches longer hairs on top and short on sides and back.

And to add volume to the upper hairs user hair products such as pomade,clay or wax.

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